2 years ago

Sonic Style: Pioneer DJ Releases the HDJ-700 Headphones with Optimized Sound Reproduction

LONG BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Pioneer DJ is proud to introduce a new pair of stylish headphones that look great and sound superb the HDJ-700. The robust, fully enclosed HDJ-700 is fine-tuned to reproduce rich, clear mid-to-low frequencies for monitoring dance music, and has a simple, sleek design with color options to suit every style.

This latest addition takes inspiration from Pioneer DJs top-flight headphones the rotating ear cup with rubber grips enables easy one-ear monitoring, while the replaceable cable prolongs headphones review the life of the headphones. With soft, snug-fitting

2 years ago

Only In Moderation

An issue that many parents struggle with is how to manage their childs TV watching habits. Just like many other things, moderation is the key. Television can both stimulate and stifle a childs development. Knowing when and how much television to allow your children to watch is a very important aspect of parenting that many parents overlook.

Some of the negative affects of television include:

Children who consistently spend more than 4 hours per day watching TV are much more likely to be overweight.

Kids who www.sonxtronic.com/ view violent events, such as a kidnapping or murder, are also more likely to believe that the world is